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I eat hot barley cereal every day. In a little less than a year I decreased my cholesterol 96 pts, my trigylcerides 104 pts, raised my HDL from 30 to 51 and lowered my LDL 50 pts. I have made the cereal a habit. Regularity has also improved. I have recommended this product to many friends and relatives. I love the product. JMG, MD

I eat hot barley cereal twice a week and put bananas and raisins in it. I noticed a considerable drop last year in my cholesterol level. This product has become an integrate part of my life and food intake . . . and I'm sure of its nutritional benefits. Thank you, Wally. FXMcD, CA

I eat this product every day. I use it as a hot cereal and also for baking cookies and bread. I find the barley cereal to be very smooth and I feel full after eating it, so it has helped me to lose weight.. It has reduced my cholesterol and helped lower my glucose count (it had been high). I recommend your product to my family and friends. I am 71 years young. MR, NV

I eat this hot barley cereal every day. I eat it as cereal and use it in baking bread. I feel that it plays a significant part in keeping my cholesterol level down. I have used the barley cereal everyday for the last three years. It is an excellent, very palatable roughage. It is never gummy or sticky as are so many cooked cereals. Personally I feel that it has contributed to my vigorous, energetic health. VE, CA