IMMUNOFIBER    "THE BOOK" (a pdf file)

Barley beta-glucan fibers create a viscous suspension that coats the intestines and regulates cholesterol, fat, and glucose uptake in a spectacular manner. However, this is just a small  part of what these intact beta-glucan fibers do. They cleanse and activate the immunoreceptors of the intestinal wall (the major immunological organ of the body), conditioning a balanced immunological response to the millions of microbes and toxins that each of us encounter every day.  Based on this fact, there is no conceivable medical problem that these beta-glucan fibers cannot alleviate or help to alleviate. The results can be spectacular.  Taken orally in a natural manner as a food or food ingredient, this material is totally effective in a safe and gentle way. For the sake of simplicity we will call this new grain ImmunoGrain and the active ingredient ImmunoFiber. ImmunoGrain is the highest quality waxy hullesss barley which has high levels of soluble beta-glucan. Dr. Greg Fox has written a manuscript that helps us to understand the immune system, the lymphatic system, cholesterol and fat digestion and transport, how they are all interrelated and how ImmunoFiber has a positive effect on all of these systems . This manuscript is made available for educational and editorial purposes using the Adobe PDF file format.  Please feel free to offer comments to the author at